Daily Archives: November 14, 2011

Nifty Happenings Nov 13-19

Coming up this week we have 3 events:

❤Its on Sale❤

This is a Copy/Mod mouthie pearl necklace. This features the IVORY edition. The item can be bought in the store this week for 50L ALL WEEK.


❤Monday Mania❤


This neko frirendly bed offers the luxjury of home to any furry friend. The bed is 6 prims, and comes with cat food and tray, that is 3 prims. The bed itsels is texture changeable, click to change and comes with 8 choices for the pillows and bed frame. This item can be bought at the store for 50L on MONDAY ONLY!


❤Fifty5 Thursdays❤

This is the highlight of geeks! This set comes with 2 decks to hold in the right hand, two chairs, the Pokemon battle table, as well as an extra deck to place on the table. These chairs have a custom chair pose so stay comfy in this weeks item! This item can be bought in the store for 55L on THURSDAY ONLY.