Weekend Blitz 12.2-12.4

This week for December  9-11 we have two piercings.

The first piercing is called Reveal . This FEMALE piercing will show your inner twisted side and be brought to the surface. Working from the bottom up, on the bottom lip there is a double stud going down just above the chin, on the bottom lip on the right hand side is a double closed loop piercing, with an open ring next to it, followed by a single stud between the three. On the left corner there is another open loop with two more studs going at an upward angle that is met by another open loop. To close up the bottom lip, there is a singular stude in the middle of the lip, where the lips meet. To the west and east of the lips the dimples are pierced. The upper lip offers a stud on each side of the lips, with matching closed loops on either side. Above the lip in the dip below the nose is another singular stud. Moving up to the nose is a double closed loop septum, and up on top of the nose bridge is a simple double stud going down.

The second piercing is called Static Shine.  This MALE piercing will light the way to bring exposure to your face. Starting at lips, there is a triple stud below the center, bottom lip on top of the chin. The lip meets in the middle with double closed rings. And on the corners of the bottom lip is a diaganol going outward studs. Moving up to the nose is a simple septum, hooked closed ring. Outlining the cheekbones, is a double-triple threat on each side of shadowed studs. On the bridge of the nose, between the eyes is a double rowed set of studs as well.

Don’t forget to join the group for specials, sales and freebies. Enjoy the NEW pickle jar camping chairs! Remember these items are 60L!

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