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Lifeguard Shoutout

One of my bloggers, Claudia Daxter did this fabulous blog post of the Lifeguard Female line and items along with this awesome video!! Please check it out =)

Claudia’s Post

xoxo Xandra




To show some love to the people who have continued to support the creation of Sour Pickles, those who are in the group will be able to tag the MM Board in the store. This version of the El Senior Glasses are still no copy/no mod with a resize feature but are exclusive in a green colored frame and black mustache.

LM To Store


xoxo Xandra

El Senior Glasses

I have been seeing these little mustaches all around SL and in RL as of late and I wanted to do something with them. How else would you be able to keep up a fake mustache without being able to grow on? And then it hit me and the El Senior Glasses were made 😀


These glasses are 65L for 3 pairs. There are 4 color sets, Reds, Browns, Greys and Blondes. They are no copy and no mod but do have a resize option when clicked.

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xoxo Xandra

New MM Board Exclusive

Because I was obsessed with doing seasonal pendents, I thought I would do a RAINY DAY ONE TOO!!

On the board at a mere 55 cap, I have an exclusive rainy day pendant with rain falling animation. The necklace is no copy no mod so come slap the board at a chance to get it.

xoxo xandra

P.S. For the LIVE version of the necklace demo make sure to come to the MM board to see the magic yourself!

Sour Pickles Update 11.15.12

In RL I am a HUGE THE SIMS fan, so in honor of their recent expansion pack, The Sims 3 Seasons, I have made 4 different seasoned themed pendant necklaces. The necklaces have a “Magic” about that sprinkle across the dome of the pendent pertaining to the season. Each necklace is 175L and are no copy no mod. If you wish for a different permission, please contact me after your purchase =)

LM To Store

If you wish to see a DEMO of the MAGIC the necklaces have to offer, they are at the front of the store on display ❤

Next, I have gotten into a fanatic with NERD SWAG. More to come but here is what is at the store now. I have some NERD GLASSES necklaces. There are 7 colors in all, copy/mod, and each 99L. If you are like me and have to have all 7 of them, the FATPACK is only 599L.

LM To Store

I also have a *Limited Edition* color at my friend Falso Imako’s store called VoiD (LM To Mainstore ) and you can only get the gift there by joining her group [50L]. Please enjoy this exclusive color =)

The last set of NERD I have out are these cute NERD Knuckle Blocks. The block comes with 4 rings and a color of your choice worn on the left hand.  This item comes in 5 different colors and are mod/trans. Show off these vibrant colored swag to your friends!

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Please enjoy these New Releases. I loved making them and much more to come! Note that  I have some hunts going on as well :

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Bright and Tight Nov 1-30
The 7 Deadly Sins FP Hunt Nov 1- Dec 1

xoxo Xandra Bressig Huggs ❤