Sour Pickles Update 11.15.12

In RL I am a HUGE THE SIMS fan, so in honor of their recent expansion pack, The Sims 3 Seasons, I have made 4 different seasoned themed pendant necklaces. The necklaces have a “Magic” about that sprinkle across the dome of the pendent pertaining to the season. Each necklace is 175L and are no copy no mod. If you wish for a different permission, please contact me after your purchase =)

LM To Store

If you wish to see a DEMO of the MAGIC the necklaces have to offer, they are at the front of the store on display ❤

Next, I have gotten into a fanatic with NERD SWAG. More to come but here is what is at the store now. I have some NERD GLASSES necklaces. There are 7 colors in all, copy/mod, and each 99L. If you are like me and have to have all 7 of them, the FATPACK is only 599L.

LM To Store

I also have a *Limited Edition* color at my friend Falso Imako’s store called VoiD (LM To Mainstore ) and you can only get the gift there by joining her group [50L]. Please enjoy this exclusive color =)

The last set of NERD I have out are these cute NERD Knuckle Blocks. The block comes with 4 rings and a color of your choice worn on the left hand.  This item comes in 5 different colors and are mod/trans. Show off these vibrant colored swag to your friends!

LM To Store

Please enjoy these New Releases. I loved making them and much more to come! Note that  I have some hunts going on as well :

LM To Store

Bright and Tight Nov 1-30
The 7 Deadly Sins FP Hunt Nov 1- Dec 1

xoxo Xandra Bressig Huggs ❤


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