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*NEW* FULL PERM Mesh Pizza Pies

Sour Pickles brings you MESH Pizza Pies!

[SP] Mesh Pizza Pies

This creators pack includes Full Perms along with examples. These pies are 1 Prim each. Drag and drop your desired textures. This pack includes full perm textures including  3 different pizza examples along with 1 crust texture. This pack is available at the mainstore or on the marketplace for 150L.


Blogger Spotlight : Indigo Aloix

I have decided that from time to time I would like to show off the talents of my bloggers so..first off is Indigo Aloix. She has done a remarkable job showing off the Seasons Necklaces I went crazy over when The Sims 3 Seasons hit PCs around the world! Here is a preview of her post and another look at how the necklaces look with a little versatility ❤

Her Post

Seasons by Indigo Aloix

Sour Pickles Update 1.4.13

Hello my New Years snuggle bugs!! This month of the winter cold Sour Pickles Presents the Baking Mania Hunt!! Yay!!!

baking mania hunt

With this month of features, this new year I plan to release exclusives in the store that pertain to a hunt provided by Sour Pickles Hunts!

To start off January, I have 4 exclusive Mesh Aprons 65L each with XS,S,M,L,XL sizes available 😀


This cream colored apron features a vibrant colored collaboration of text reading “Born To Bake” which beneath it is paird by three miniture cupcakes!


The next design shows off this bright eyed blue apron with an adorable logo of “I ❤ Baking on the front of the apron.
We all know that when in the kitchen baking not only requires ingredients, but patience! It has been said that cooking is an editable chemistry we all should indulge in. The baking ladies of the world will love this pink apron coming with an embrory of “Keep Calm and Bake’.


The last design of this set is one of my favorites, a dark mint green apron! This apron features the start of what great bakers need, measuring spoons! The special thing about these utensils is that we all know that that secret ingredient is when we bake something good, which is LOVE, featured on the largest measuring spoon on the apron.


Stick around for the next installment of Baking Mania exclusives!!

Sour Pickles Mainstore

xoxo Xandra