New Releases 2.11.13

Have you been to the store to check out the Seasons Pendent Necklaces? Well, tis the season when LOVE fills the air! Please welcome to Sour Pickles this Valentine Inspired Pendent Necklace.

seasons lovexcf                                                                                                                                                                   ^^(witness the magic of the necklace in the store entrance)^^

This pendent features the classic silhouette of lovers sharing a kiss with cascading rose red hearts across the frame. This item is no copy no mod and is at a special price of 99L at the mainstore.

Also at the store’s enterance we have two Mesh Puffin Flux Tops which comes in Pink and Red.

Pink Puffin Flux Top

Red Puffin Flux Top

These heart shaped tops are embroidered in a puffin pattern, which come in all sizes. These tops are copy only and are on sale for 75L.

Thats right for group members as a preview for thew new Midnight Mania Item, if you join the group you will recieve these Red edition of the Nom Nom Pearls.

Group Joiner==> secondlife:///app/group/31a3ba1e-7cab-da8c-e118-6748c9bfe134/about
Nom Nom Pearls red

Taxi to Sour Pickles

There are several other classic items in the front of the store for sale so make sure to check them out 😀

[SP] Fun To Love AD

*^^*Free for group members*^^*

[SP] Kiss Me Hearts Bra and Panty Set

[SP] Paint Me --Red + Hearts AD

[SP] Pink Hearts Bikini

[SP] Pinkz n' Lace AD

[SP] Red Heartz AD

Pinch Me Garter Socks Valentine Edition

Frames all around!!

Sour Pickles brings you two new frames!

The first frame selection is called Composure Frames. This 4 prim wooden frame features a bar like style frame which has space for 3 modifiable frames for your special pictures. This item is copy/mod and can be cliked to reset. This item is 65L.


The next frame selection is a cute word art in frames. This set features the letters ” L -O-V-E”, with a pink polka-dot background. Each frame is 2 prims with a total of 8 prims. These frames are copy only and are 50L.


There are other valentine’s day items in the front of the store along with a FREEBIE and a gacha to check out!

Enjoy ❤


Taxi to Sour Pickles

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