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Newly Loaded MM Boards

In case you missed my birthday bash, now is the time to come grab the goodies again!!

The illuminated plumbbob headband is a FFA but the Virgo Belly chain is ONLY GROUP MEMBERS!

xoxo Xandra


Sour Pickles living it up @ Stalkerazzi

Sour Pickles will be participating @ AlterEgo’s Stalkerazzi!! Read below for more details!

AlterEgo presents
Stalkerazzi Fashion Affair
September 6 – 20th 2013


Sponsored by
AlterEgoRazorEpicAl Vulo♥Sassy♥Whatever

Stalkerazzi Fashion Affair is a sim wide, fashion event, dedicated to high quality fashion designers & sparking the interest of our beloved stalkers *cough cough* shoppers, creating a fashion frenzy …called Stalkerazzi!!!! Invitations will be sent out to selected designers mid- late July! Stalkerazzi Fashion Affair will be held on the Metropolis sim, south of the Slums.

Seraphim Team will be covering this event! ty Vix♥

::::SLebrity Line-Up:::

– Suicidal Unborn – Pekka – Blah – Gawk – Cheeky – Hollipocket – Scrub – 1 Hundred – Severed Garden – Milk – Shock Factory – Cute Poison – Utopiah – L’Exception – Sakide – Letis Tattoo
– Delusions – Skankaholic – Delirium Style – Forever Young – Pink Acid – Kosh – Pr!ck – Insanya – Bubble – Pure Posion – Lazybones – Hebenon Vial – Dirtyland
– AngelRED – Fappy – Hard Candy – Luckie – American Bazaar – Dumb Blond – Hollyweird – Outrage Studios – Mes Sucreries – BSD – Phoebe’s Piercings
– QE Designs  – Que Bella- Geek – Style X – K-code – trs – Blink2Wink – Sour Pickles – yumyums- TartCake – Kaithleen’s – elephante poses – Beyond the Stars

Designer Applications are closed.

Birthday Bash Gifts

Here is a peek at what is up for grabs from Sour Pickles @ my Birthday Bash today at 3pm SLT!!




Party going on NOW @ Sour Pickles

Sour Pickles Presents : Birthday Bash


On August 29th, I am holding a birthday bash and I am inviting you. It is taking place at the main store starting at 3 p.m. SLT. There will be gifts from sponsors as well as exclusives for this event. There will be fun music and wild craziness! This party never has to end!

Save the date and help spread the words to your friends and come have some fun on this amazing day!!




Events to Come @ Sour Pickles

August 29th – Birthday Bash 3pm slt


Sept 1 – Taste the Colors Hunt Starts

September 6th – Stalkerazzi Fashion Affair

September 22nd – Best Foot Foward Hunt (6L)


October 1st – Two of a Kind Hunt

October 10th – Body Modification Expo

October 26th – Trick or Treat Neighborhood Hunt (Kids Hunt)

October 27th – Sour Pickles Halloween Party / Mini Hunt

New @ Sour Pickles FULL PERM Sale Carts

Sour Pickles brings you MESH Sale Cart Stands. Each of these carts are only 4 prims and have 1 universal face for the cart’s texture. Both version include example version. Please respect TOS when using these items.

These items can be bought at the Mainstore for 99L.


This item can be bought on the MARKETPLACE


This item can be bought on the MARKETPLACE

New @ Sour Pickles @ The Candy Factory

Holy Retro Batman Nuggets I have a lot of goodies going on for the next two weeks!!

Down at The Candy Factory The theme for the month of August is RETRO!! So with that said enjoy the pictures below. These items can ONLY be bought @ The Candy Factory till August 14th, then they will return to Sour Pickles and on the MP with one new installment. Keep in mind that these prices are a discounted price!!


MESH Dial-Me Retro Phone


First I have A MESH Retro Telephone, This comes in 16 colors and can be bought for 65L each in a GACHA. This mesh retro phone is 2 prims and comes with a custom shadow..


MESH Retro Credenza Table


Second I have a MESH Retro Credenza Table that comes in 16 colors which can be bought in the gacha for 75L. This 2 primmed table comes with a shadow and sculpted table runner This table has 3 exclusive adjustable poses inside.


MESH Pens_Cup Message Pad


Next I have MESH Office Pens which is 2 prims and comes with a shadow as well as a sculpted Telephone Message Pad. The pad is 2 prims and comes with a custom shadow as well as 4 special messages that can be accessed through a texture menu.
*The pens and pads come together as a set and are UNLINKED so the customer has the option to move them around* The pair of these items can be bought in my main vendor at The Candy Factory for 50L.

After this event is over (Event runs from August 1-14) these items will be placed at the store for different prices as well as a master set that has the telephone with all color options and the table with all color options as well as the office supplies which will be sold for 365L.