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New MM Boards – Halloween Special

We have for the Scorpios in the house a group only MM board loaded with the Zodiac of the Scorpio symbol belly chain 0/30


Also for a public group board ONLY TODAY we have a Cartoon Zombie applier. This applier works ONLY on the Mesh Gauged Ears. 0/35


Taxi to the fun!


New Mesh Heart Spiked Dildo Gacha

BBB advertisement

With the quick arrival of Halloween Sour Pickles proudly presents New Mesh Heart Spiked Dildos! These naughty dildo are inspired by vampires who loved to get some
Woo-Hoo. For the salivating needs of every vampire included with each dildo is a drooling blood vampire tongue. This gacha event will last for the whole month of November and is only 50L a try!


Taxi to your gacha paradise

This product is also available on the marketplace for 150L which includes a HUD to choose between the 7 wood textures.




That’s right the Happy Halloweenie Mini Hunt and Party is going on now!


Mini Hunt (1L each) Tons of hidden pumpkins hidden in the store. Each has a different item from Sour Pickles as well as Aphrodite Mainstore, Glo-Mart and Co*Motion.

Best in Child Costume Contest

Best in Adult Costume Contest

Exclusives and Promo prices on select items

Don’t got a kid costume? Don’t worry we have plenty!!

New releases and cake!!

Come party now till whenever we stop!!


xoxo Xandra

Sour Pickles @ The Specter-tacular Cart Sale

The Specter-tacular Cart Sale Texture for Blogging

                                    I Heart the Cart Presents:
The Specter-tacular Halloween Cart Sale
October 24 to October 31


Sour Pickles will be participating in the Halloween Cart Sale brought to you by Cupcake Clothing and The Artist Shed. Here is a preview of some kid friendly items you can get at this event along with at 10L gift.

Halloween Cart Sale


Death Row Design Gacha NOW OPEN!

Here are what my vendors look like at the event.
There are 2 new exclusive gachas at this event, each 50L. They come in a singular applier, not the whole set but will be sold as a set when the event is over. I also have a special price on my other halloween gachas at 75L a try with 2 RAREs you are trying to get! Happy Gachaing!


Your Taxi Here!!

Sour Pickles @ Death Row Designs Halloween Gacha

DRI - Halloween Gacha!


Sour Pickles will be participating in Death Row Designs 1st Annual Halloween Gacha. This event will take place Oct 20th-Nov 5th. I will be featuring some of my appliers for my Mesh Gauged Ears for an exclusive price of 65L as a promo deal for this event along with a brand new set of gauges for this event 😀

Your Taxi Here!!

Sour Pickles Halloweenie Mini Hunt and Party

Something wicked this way comes 😀halloweenieminihunt


Sneak Peek for the Child Avies

This is the venue of my home in the Trick or Treat Neighborhood event which will occur Oct 26-Nov 2nd


This event will be featuring a free kids child Halloween related item as well as new Halloween releases for adult avies and maybe some new kid avie items 😀 hehe

More Information coming soon 😀

Sour Pickles @ The Body Modification Expo

Depraved Nation Presents: The Body Modification Expo. This fair will run from October 10 – Nov. 3, 2013 on Depraved Nations Event SIM Metropolis.

Body Modification Expo 2013 Promo Flier

Sponsored By:  Adrenaliyn, AITUI, Auxiliary, bubble, Epic, Fusion, Hebenon Vial, Insanya, Lapointe & Bastchild, Legal Insanity, n-creation, Remarkable Oblivion, SAKIDE, SCRUB, S H O C K Factory and Razor!

The Body Modification Expo will be a SIM Wide accessories fair offering shoppers a wide range of items designed exclusively for the event by our participating designers.  Each designer will be required to create and display at least ONE new, exclusive item and that item will be for sale for 50% off it’s normal selling price.

This is NOT a “fashion” fair.  It’s important to keep in mind this fair will not be centered around clothing. The content for this fair will be accessories (piercings, handbags, belts, scarves, glasses, shoes, trinkets etc. etc.), tats, skins, hair, body paint / make-up, you get the idea.

Sour Pickles will be featuring all the appliers available on the grid at this expo along with 2 new ears and 2 exclusives for the event which will be moved to the mainstore after the event. Please come visit for deals and new releases. Enclosed are pictures of my stall as well as the SURL to my booth along with pictures of the items for the event.






xoxo Xandra


New Dubstep Gauged Ears

New in the store is another line in the Gauged Ear Series called: DUBSTEP.

These ears have a hud that has an unlimited color picker to change your skin, gauge, piercings and metal.

For the current and future closed gauged ears, there are appliers have been made for the MOH Gacha event and more to come to be seen at The Body Modification Event.

These ares are copy only and are 199L Check the blog for more details.

xoxo Xandra