Sour Pickles has Joined the LOUD MOUTHS

My good friend Brias Stardust, owner of Loud Mouth, has released the new sensation in Second Life, MESH LIPS! Sour Pickles proudly presents LOUD MOUTH !

I said it, MESH LIPS!! These lips are currently $789L and she has two version, an open and closed mouth. Each mouth is copy&modify. They come with mesh teeth and a mouth hud which changes the skintone and lip colors. If you are a designer, each set of lips comes with a designer kit and instructions.



Make sure to try the DEMO before you apply!

Now to the addons : TEETH!!

Yeah I said it, teeth! She has several options with more coming.


Now these fiesty sex on your face mesh items have some designers on board already  so what will Sour Pickles bring? PIERCINGS!! Look in the future for piercings made for the open and closed mouths 😀


xoxo Xandra

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