Sour Pickles @ The Body Modification Expo

Depraved Nation Presents: The Body Modification Expo. This fair will run from October 10 – Nov. 3, 2013 on Depraved Nations Event SIM Metropolis.

Body Modification Expo 2013 Promo Flier

Sponsored By:  Adrenaliyn, AITUI, Auxiliary, bubble, Epic, Fusion, Hebenon Vial, Insanya, Lapointe & Bastchild, Legal Insanity, n-creation, Remarkable Oblivion, SAKIDE, SCRUB, S H O C K Factory and Razor!

The Body Modification Expo will be a SIM Wide accessories fair offering shoppers a wide range of items designed exclusively for the event by our participating designers.  Each designer will be required to create and display at least ONE new, exclusive item and that item will be for sale for 50% off it’s normal selling price.

This is NOT a “fashion” fair.  It’s important to keep in mind this fair will not be centered around clothing. The content for this fair will be accessories (piercings, handbags, belts, scarves, glasses, shoes, trinkets etc. etc.), tats, skins, hair, body paint / make-up, you get the idea.

Sour Pickles will be featuring all the appliers available on the grid at this expo along with 2 new ears and 2 exclusives for the event which will be moved to the mainstore after the event. Please come visit for deals and new releases. Enclosed are pictures of my stall as well as the SURL to my booth along with pictures of the items for the event.






xoxo Xandra


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