Reloaded MM Board, Hunts and Promos

Depraved Nation___ Dirty Turkey Hunt 4.0 Flyer

The Dirty Turkey Hunt takes place November 1-30th

The Dirty Turkey started it all!  This hunt marks the first event Depraved Nation ever hosted and we are excited to be hosting our 4th run!  TDTH is a GRID WIDE hunt featuring 100 stores, providing gifts to hunters who find the designated hunt object, free of charge.  There are NO limitations on this hunt, or the items designers may create to give away, the only rule is that the item must be new!   Click on the Sponsor Names above to get more information about their brands!  Hints and SLURLs are provided as a convenience to hunters and will be updated as necessary throughout the hunt.  Should you encounter a problem while hunting that we may not be aware of, please send a NC to Heather Smithson and I will be happy to look into the issue. Depraved Nation holds no liability related to products given away in this hunt.  We have strict policies against the use of items that may be protected under copyright laws and expect participating brands to abide by both LL TOS and any content creators TOS if they are using a premade mesh or template.

Link to Landmarks and Hints


So I am offering one of my HUD appliers for my mesh gauged ears as a gift for The Dirty Turkey Tunt. As a special promo price for the month of November, the plan gauged v3 ears will be on sale for 99L. If you have gotten any of my appliers from a party, event I have held and do not have the ears, this would be the time to get them! This price is IN STORE ONLY and will go back to the full price of 165L on December 1.


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