Blogger Application

Thanks for your interest to become a blogger for Sour Pickles. Some know the store as a sponsor from Sour Pickles Hunts but the store is actually the foundation of the whole operation. Here at the store there are so many things like furniture for any room, inside or outside, appliers and accessories like piercings and necklaces. We are looking for bloggers to cover all the fields of the store as well as blogging my hunt items.

If you are interested in blogging for Sour Pickles, please fill out the application and return it to the MAILBOX in front of the store for consideration.


Please read the rules before you apply!

1. You will blog new releases at the mainstore within 14 days.

2. You will blog event releases within the first week of the event and add the correct event SURL to your blog.

3. You have an active flickr account and  will post all Sour Pickles related pics into the Sour Pickles Mainstore Flickr Group.

4. You have a free group slot inworld available for the Sour Pickles Mainstore group.

5. You will add the Sour Pickles logo to your blog and link SURL to the Sour Pickles Mainstore.

6. You create high quality pics and posts because you enjoy blogging and showing off a sponsors items.

7. You have a blog that is at least 6 months old with over 15 posts.

Bloggers who are inactive or do not follow the rules without any reasonable information to me will be ejected from the group.

Sour Pickles Mainstore Location


SL Name (Not Display Name):

Link to blog:

Flickr Link:

How long have you been blogging?:

What do you like to blog?:

Why do you like to blog? What do you enjoy blogging?:

Did you read and understand my blogger rules?

Any other information you wish to share?:

If you have an questions please return with this notecard. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to working with you!

Virgo and Xandra

Store Owners



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