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Nifty Happenings Nov 27-December 3

So far this week we have had a couple of events

❤Its on Sale❤

This child shape accents any outfit that you might want to wear to suit your hearts desire. At a shortie height of 4’11, the Larissa shape is perfect for you. The item can be bought in the store this week for 50L ALL WEEK.


❤Monday Mania❤

Who says tea time is jut for kids?! This Adult Tea Time comes with so many features. For a mere 83 prims, you get a tea pot that when clicked gets a cup of tea and plate. When you click the treat tray you get tasty yummys to eat. The set comes with 4 chairs that each have a custom sitting while sipping animation. This item can be bought at the store for 50L on MONDAY ONLY!


❤Fifty5 Thursdays❤

Stay cool in the winter time with this necklace. Featured around your neck in this tiny glass jar, is a scene of the sun, umbrella, beach chair and two beach balls on a bed of sand. This necklace attaches to the spine, and is copy and modify. This item can be bought in the store for 55L on THURSDAY ONLY.