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New Releases 2.11.13

Have you been to the store to check out the Seasons Pendent Necklaces? Well, tis the season when LOVE fills the air! Please welcome to Sour Pickles this Valentine Inspired Pendent Necklace.

seasons lovexcf                                                                                                                                                                   ^^(witness the magic of the necklace in the store entrance)^^

This pendent features the classic silhouette of lovers sharing a kiss with cascading rose red hearts across the frame. This item is no copy no mod and is at a special price of 99L at the mainstore.

Also at the store’s enterance we have two Mesh Puffin Flux Tops which comes in Pink and Red.

Pink Puffin Flux Top

Red Puffin Flux Top

These heart shaped tops are embroidered in a puffin pattern, which come in all sizes. These tops are copy only and are on sale for 75L.

Thats right for group members as a preview for thew new Midnight Mania Item, if you join the group you will recieve these Red edition of the Nom Nom Pearls.

Group Joiner==> secondlife:///app/group/31a3ba1e-7cab-da8c-e118-6748c9bfe134/about
Nom Nom Pearls red

Taxi to Sour Pickles

There are several other classic items in the front of the store for sale so make sure to check them out 😀

[SP] Fun To Love AD

*^^*Free for group members*^^*

[SP] Kiss Me Hearts Bra and Panty Set

[SP] Paint Me --Red + Hearts AD

[SP] Pink Hearts Bikini

[SP] Pinkz n' Lace AD

[SP] Red Heartz AD

Pinch Me Garter Socks Valentine Edition

Frames all around!!

Sour Pickles brings you two new frames!

The first frame selection is called Composure Frames. This 4 prim wooden frame features a bar like style frame which has space for 3 modifiable frames for your special pictures. This item is copy/mod and can be cliked to reset. This item is 65L.


The next frame selection is a cute word art in frames. This set features the letters ” L -O-V-E”, with a pink polka-dot background. Each frame is 2 prims with a total of 8 prims. These frames are copy only and are 50L.


There are other valentine’s day items in the front of the store along with a FREEBIE and a gacha to check out!

Enjoy ❤


Taxi to Sour Pickles


Blogger Spotlight : Indigo Aloix

I have decided that from time to time I would like to show off the talents of my bloggers so..first off is Indigo Aloix. She has done a remarkable job showing off the Seasons Necklaces I went crazy over when The Sims 3 Seasons hit PCs around the world! Here is a preview of her post and another look at how the necklaces look with a little versatility ❤

Her Post

Seasons by Indigo Aloix

New Releases 12.8.12

Lots of new stuff and more to come featuring holiday goodies!

Store Landmark


This mesh sweater features a green collar and wrist cuffs on a red knit pattern which is accompanied by a knitted and decorated Christmas tree. This sweater is no copy, no mod and is 99L


This mesh sweater features a white collar and wrist cuffs on a white knit pattern which is accompanied by knitted text of little trees, snowflakes and mini hearts writing “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal”. This sweater is no copy, no mod and is 99L


This mesh sweater features a red collar and wrist cuffs on a red and white knit pattern which is accompanied by a knitted snowflakes and miniature circles with green stripes. This sweater is no copy, no mod and is 99L


This mesh sweater features a red collar and wrist cuffs on a red and white knit pattern which is accompanied by a knitted snowflakes and miniature circles with green stripes. This sweater is no copy, no mod and is ONLY SOLD AT THE FROST EVENT for 99L

The other exclusive item I have at the F R O S T event is a frost colored french manicure nail polish color. It is a snowflake blue that is white tipped and only 10L.

.:. F R O S T .:. is a Depraved Nation Fashion Fair that will run from December 12 – January 2.

Frost Event Landmark

Next is this bejeweled snowflake necklace. A perfect snowlfake hangs from an enlongaged chain and features a diamond on every fashion point of the charm. This necklace is no copy no modify and is 99L.


Time for some decorations!! This Festive Day Shelf features tons of fun and treats! This 33 primmed holiday decor item features a book collection including some Christmas favorite, plate of gingerbread cookies, a cup of coffee, a tea candle, 2 satin stockings, a tree in a pot, mini snowman along with a present and candy cane. This chair has 3 sits inside of it with a pillow and throw blanket.


Please enjoy these new releases!

xoxo Xandra Bressig

Store Landmark


To show some love to the people who have continued to support the creation of Sour Pickles, those who are in the group will be able to tag the MM Board in the store. This version of the El Senior Glasses are still no copy/no mod with a resize feature but are exclusive in a green colored frame and black mustache.

LM To Store


xoxo Xandra

New MM Board Exclusive

Because I was obsessed with doing seasonal pendents, I thought I would do a RAINY DAY ONE TOO!!

On the board at a mere 55 cap, I have an exclusive rainy day pendant with rain falling animation. The necklace is no copy no mod so come slap the board at a chance to get it.

xoxo xandra

P.S. For the LIVE version of the necklace demo make sure to come to the MM board to see the magic yourself!

Sour Pickles Update 11.15.12

In RL I am a HUGE THE SIMS fan, so in honor of their recent expansion pack, The Sims 3 Seasons, I have made 4 different seasoned themed pendant necklaces. The necklaces have a “Magic” about that sprinkle across the dome of the pendent pertaining to the season. Each necklace is 175L and are no copy no mod. If you wish for a different permission, please contact me after your purchase =)

LM To Store

If you wish to see a DEMO of the MAGIC the necklaces have to offer, they are at the front of the store on display ❤

Next, I have gotten into a fanatic with NERD SWAG. More to come but here is what is at the store now. I have some NERD GLASSES necklaces. There are 7 colors in all, copy/mod, and each 99L. If you are like me and have to have all 7 of them, the FATPACK is only 599L.

LM To Store

I also have a *Limited Edition* color at my friend Falso Imako’s store called VoiD (LM To Mainstore ) and you can only get the gift there by joining her group [50L]. Please enjoy this exclusive color =)

The last set of NERD I have out are these cute NERD Knuckle Blocks. The block comes with 4 rings and a color of your choice worn on the left hand.  This item comes in 5 different colors and are mod/trans. Show off these vibrant colored swag to your friends!

LM To Store

Please enjoy these New Releases. I loved making them and much more to come! Note that  I have some hunts going on as well :

LM To Store

Bright and Tight Nov 1-30
The 7 Deadly Sins FP Hunt Nov 1- Dec 1

xoxo Xandra Bressig Huggs ❤

Updates and *NEW* Lifeguard Line

Hello and welcome to what was is better called “Better late than never!!”

Please let me introduce my new lifeguard line!
With the start of the KEEP ME COOL Hunt starting on August 1st-30th, the inpiration of the hunt resides in my real life job of working around the pool enviornment. Featured below are the NEW products in the store that can be located in the front of the store for now.

Starting off with mens and womens fashion, are their work clothing. The female suit comes in both clothing layers, jacket and underpants and resembles a traditional look.

This suit can be sold in the store for 75L.

The mens fabrication towards our love for lifeguards are a pair of board trunks. These MESH board shorts come in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL in additional to an alpha layer.

These board shorts can be bought in the store for 99L.

A unisex tattoo layer of the unmistakable LIFEGUARD NOSE SUBLOCK is also provided in the store.

Moving along to accessories, a lifeguard is nothing without their attitives and nifty tools in red! First of all is the lifeguard stand that is used to guard and overlook the patrons of the water, whether it be sand or tile environments. This lifeguard stands comes with 5 poses, 2 male and 3 female and costs you only 3 prims.

The lifeguard whistle featured in red has the simplistic look all lifeguard needs to ensure safety as well as to get a hot patrons attention! This whistle is resizable and when clicked, you hear the sound of a lifeguard whistle trying to gain the attention of someone.

The last and most proud making of this lifeguard line is this MESH lifeguard rescue tube. This tube features a red buoy which is connected by a rope and the black strap to be worn across your body when making a rescue.

Please enjoy these amazing additions and please visit the store anytime!

xoxo Xandra Bressig

Whats New 4.18.12

Hey guys! Store has been booming and new releases coming at ya!

The For The Win series comes in 10 slamming colors with different patterns, belts and belt buckles. 75L each

Next to those in the store we have the necklaces that are featured in the ads! 65L each

Don’t forget the hunts at the store that are going on now and are coming in future 😀


Fabulously Free Frenzy Hunt: April 1 – April 30
Dead and Loving It 2 Hunt: April 1 – April 30
Poppin’ Penguin Hunt April Showers: April 1 – April 30

Gacha Fool Hunt: May 1 – May 31
Mr. Hunter Hunt vii: May 1 – May 31

Huggs ❤ Don’t forget to join the group for updates and free gifts.

xoxo Xandra

Nifty Happenings Feb 26 – March 1

Better late then neva!

❤Its on Sale❤

This cupcake bottled necklace is all about the red. When this bottle is clicked, a tiny jingle sound plays when clicked and has the ability to show in chat who has clicked your cupcake as well as a feature to turn off the message. Please read NC inside vendor box for more details. This item can be bought in the store this week for 50L ALL WEEK.

❤Monday Mania❤

Come be lazy with me in these customized chairs. Each chair has 4 guy and girl animation. These chairs are color changeable on touch on the seat and chair base.  For a mere 2 prims, these chairs are mod, trans. This item can be bought at the store for 25L on MONDAY ONLY!

❤50L Frenzy❤

Show off to your friends the simplification of this piercing can be. This unique piercing features 11 silver studs on each side of the collar bone.  This piercing is copy/mod. This item can be bought at the store for 50L on TUESDAY ONLY!

❤Fifty5 Thursdays❤

Step back and venture into the 50’s! This 50’s inspired diner has alot going on, so listen up!
The bench comes with 4 poses at 6 prims each, the seats are 5 prims with 2 poses each. The table is only 3 prims, as well as the condiments featuring napkin holder, ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper at only 7 prims 😀  This item can be bought in the store for 55L on THURSDAY ONLY.

Nifty Happenings Feb 13-18

Coming up this week we have 3 events:

❤Its on Sale❤

* This Red Edition of the elongated necklace creates a long v-neck shaped necklace. With the silver linked chain, a red plaid heart meets this necklace at the end of the chain. This item can be bought in the store this week for 25L ALL WEEK.

❤Monday Mania❤

This version of the Recollect Shirt comes in Red and grey. This item can be bought at the store for 50L on MONDAY ONLY!

❤50L Frenzy❤

This version of the Recollect Shirt comes in Pink and grey. This item can be bought at the store for 50L on TUESDAY ONLY!

❤Fifty5 Thursdays❤

This version of the Recollect Shirt comes in Lime Green Zebra and grey. This item can be bought in the store for 55L on THURSDAY ONLY.