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Sour Pickles living it up @ Stalkerazzi

Sour Pickles will be participating @ AlterEgo’s Stalkerazzi!! Read below for more details!

AlterEgo presents
Stalkerazzi Fashion Affair
September 6 – 20th 2013


Sponsored by
AlterEgoRazorEpicAl Vulo♥Sassy♥Whatever

Stalkerazzi Fashion Affair is a sim wide, fashion event, dedicated to high quality fashion designers & sparking the interest of our beloved stalkers *cough cough* shoppers, creating a fashion frenzy …called Stalkerazzi!!!! Invitations will be sent out to selected designers mid- late July! Stalkerazzi Fashion Affair will be held on the Metropolis sim, south of the Slums.

Seraphim Team will be covering this event! ty Vix♥

::::SLebrity Line-Up:::

– Suicidal Unborn – Pekka – Blah – Gawk – Cheeky – Hollipocket – Scrub – 1 Hundred – Severed Garden – Milk – Shock Factory – Cute Poison – Utopiah – L’Exception – Sakide – Letis Tattoo
– Delusions – Skankaholic – Delirium Style – Forever Young – Pink Acid – Kosh – Pr!ck – Insanya – Bubble – Pure Posion – Lazybones – Hebenon Vial – Dirtyland
– AngelRED – Fappy – Hard Candy – Luckie – American Bazaar – Dumb Blond – Hollyweird – Outrage Studios – Mes Sucreries – BSD – Phoebe’s Piercings
– QE Designs  – Que Bella- Geek – Style X – K-code – trs – Blink2Wink – Sour Pickles – yumyums- TartCake – Kaithleen’s – elephante poses – Beyond the Stars

Designer Applications are closed.


New Weekend Blitz, New Items and Sales

Lots of new releases and sales at Sour Pickles this week!

Starting off with my Weekend Blitz which runs from Friday-Sunday is a new sculpted Blossom Beach Bikini. This Bikini comes in 6 colors and is copy and modify.


For this sale they are 60L and will be set to full sale of 76L on Monday now at the Mainstore .

Another sale event I have is for the Pure Cognition Event which runs till Monday is:


This item is on sale for 99L

~MESH Beach Towel
~2 Prims
~5 Textures to change from (Click Shadow)
Click towel for Poses
9 M/F Poses
Props Included with Poses

Another new release is my new Tiki Hut Bar

tikihutbarThis item is 125L

~11 Prims
6 Different M/F Poses
Sit on middle island for poses
Decor Not Included

Both the towel and tiki hut bar are on display at the
For this sale they are 60L and will be set to full sale of 76L on Monday now at the Mainstore so come check them out.

*NEW* Carnvial Treats Necklace Gacha

This month starting on the 15th I have 4 hunts starting.

First off is Dirty Little Secrets is putting on two Grid Wide Hunts called

~Little Black Book April 15th- May 15th (Male Items) $1L

~Red Shoe Diaries April -15th – May 15th (Female Items) $ 1L

Next Crazy Bee Hunts presents

~Yam Yam Nom Nom Hunt April 15th-May 15th $0L

JC Presents

~Rainy Days Are Here Again April 15th-May 10th

Lastly ITouch Hunts is putting on

~Builders Hunt for Dummies April 15th-May 15th (Full Permission) $1L

With the inspiration of one of my hunts going on this month, I like to welcome a new Gacha to the store Carnival Treats Necklace Gacha!!


This gacha features 5 necklaces and a RARE item offering tastey treats you can find at the fair. Each attempt is 10L and all necklaces are unisex as well as resizable.

The gacha can be found at the the Mainstore.

xoxo Xandra

New Mesh Shoe/Storage Box

So I was looking for a cute shoe box with a lid on the side of it that was mesh and couldn’t find one, so I made one myself!


If you are interested in purchasing this item, it can be found on the Marketplace or at the Mainstore for only 99L!

xoxo Xandra

New Branch Location @ Para Designs

So I have just opened a new location at Para Designs and wanted to blurb a bit about it. If anyone was curious about the tattoo I have been wearing in the new Cochlear and Tortile Piercing ads, the name of the tattoo is called Dementia, and can be bought here on the sim or on the MARKETPLACE .

The new branch location can be found HERE

This branch location also offers the full HUD versions of the piercings as well as the individual color options. Make sure to check out Para Designs while you are there because he offers both female and male, color and black and white, tiny, medium and full body tattoos!

xoxo Xandra


New Midnight Mania Items!

Okay so with the new release of the Tortile and Cochlear Piercings, I have made them in each (NO HUD) with a rainbow metal pattern.

The Tortile Piercing will be GROUP ONLY MM BOARD

The Cochlear Piercing will be OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Good luck!!


xoxo Xandra



New Septum Piercings 3.18.2013

I think I went a little over board with these, but they were SO MUCH FUN TO MAKE!

First off I have 2 new piercings to offer you guys, both versions come with their own non-shadowed and shadowed version. The piercings are copy and modify no matter if you get the individual version or the HUD version.

What is the difference between the singular and HUD version? The singular version ONLY comes with a non-shadowed and shadowed piercing whereas the HUD comes with unlimited color options 😀

The singular piercings are only 45L where as the HUD version is 299L. There are 10 colors to choose from and any custom color requests will be 99L. I hope you enjoy these piercings!!

Due to the limited amount of space at the store, ONLY THE HUD VERSION will be available at the Sour Pickles Mainstore whereas all 4 version can be found at my Branch at Depraved Nation double click to TP.

Here are the Market Place links for the piercings also 😀

Tortile Piercing

Cochlear Piercing

xoxo Xandra





Whore Couture 2

I am finally done with Whore Couture 2 yayy 😀 Check out the photos at what is in store and don’t forget to check my last post about the Exclusives for the event !

The sims will be opened at 9PM SLT Feb 28, aka TODAY for the public so take a look at the map and find my store hehe. If you happen to make a purchase at the fair don’t forget to post it on the Sour Pickles Group flickr!

Taxi here 😀






Blogger Spotlight : Indigo Aloix

I have decided that from time to time I would like to show off the talents of my bloggers so..first off is Indigo Aloix. She has done a remarkable job showing off the Seasons Necklaces I went crazy over when The Sims 3 Seasons hit PCs around the world! Here is a preview of her post and another look at how the necklaces look with a little versatility ❤

Her Post

Seasons by Indigo Aloix

Sour Pickles Update 1.4.13

Hello my New Years snuggle bugs!! This month of the winter cold Sour Pickles Presents the Baking Mania Hunt!! Yay!!!

baking mania hunt

With this month of features, this new year I plan to release exclusives in the store that pertain to a hunt provided by Sour Pickles Hunts!

To start off January, I have 4 exclusive Mesh Aprons 65L each with XS,S,M,L,XL sizes available 😀


This cream colored apron features a vibrant colored collaboration of text reading “Born To Bake” which beneath it is paird by three miniture cupcakes!


The next design shows off this bright eyed blue apron with an adorable logo of “I ❤ Baking on the front of the apron.
We all know that when in the kitchen baking not only requires ingredients, but patience! It has been said that cooking is an editable chemistry we all should indulge in. The baking ladies of the world will love this pink apron coming with an embrory of “Keep Calm and Bake’.


The last design of this set is one of my favorites, a dark mint green apron! This apron features the start of what great bakers need, measuring spoons! The special thing about these utensils is that we all know that that secret ingredient is when we bake something good, which is LOVE, featured on the largest measuring spoon on the apron.


Stick around for the next installment of Baking Mania exclusives!!

Sour Pickles Mainstore

xoxo Xandra