CSR Application

Thanks for your interest in wanting to become a CSR for Sour Pickles. Some know the store as a sponsor from Sour Pickles Hunts but the store is actually the foundation of the whole operation. Here at the store there is so many things like furniture for any room, inside or outside, appliers and accessories like piercings and necklaces. What I am looking for , is a CSR to show me how to rock my store in avie form.

What am I looking for in a CSR?
❤I am looking for commitment to show me your skill at showing the visitors of Sour Pickles some of the products that I have to offer.
❤I am looking for someone to greet the customers in the store as they come in, assist them with finding products, directing them to the store and hunt group joiners and assisting where to find hints. *Note: You are NOT here to tell hunters how to hunt, it is silly to give away direct locations*
❤While on duty, you are to have your  “SP Rockin’ CSR” tag on so customers know there is someone here to help them.
❤Upon acceptance you will be invited to the Sour Pickles Mainstore Staff group, so please keep that in mind when applying. That will be the surest way to get sale/event/new releases and my gifties to you guys <3.

What can you expect of me as a store owner?
❤Communication through and through. I do not tolerate people who make up excuses.
❤I bring a warm and welcome atmosphere to all who I greet and hope you do the same for my customers.

Pay Rate and Time Schedule:
❤I am looking for CSRs to fill out 2 hour time slot positions. There will not be more then one person in the store at a time.
❤You will be given a few items a week to show off the store. How you show them off is up to your creative minds.
❤YOU WILL NOT BE PAID IN LINDENS, but by credits to the store( Store credit can be given to my CSR’s that show they are here to be amazing and rock the name of a Sour Pickles CSR.

If you are interested in being a CSR for Sour Pickles, please fill out the application Below and return it to the MAILBOX inside the store for consideration.


SL Name(Not Display Name):

SL Age:

What type of avatar are you? (Adult, teen, kid, baby, furrie..ect)

What time zone are you in?

Have you shopped here before?

How did you come about hearing about being a CSR for Sour Pickles?

What time slots are you interested in working? Days of the week?


❤❤❤ Play Time ❤❤❤

I will give you a few phrases, please fill them out to the best of your ability.

A customer walks into the store, what would you say?

A hunter comes into the store asking for the location of a hunt item, what do you do? What do you say?

What if a customer wants something that is not in the store, how can you help them with this?

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and fill it out. I hope to hear from you soon and enjoy shopping at Sour Pickles!

Xandra Bressig

Sour Pickles Mainstore




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