Custom Orders/Suggestions

I appreciate custom orders because you have given me a little bit of you to show in my product. I can do custom orders of anything in the store, or even future items. I have a couple of rules though, you must make a note card with as much detail as you can think of so I can get a better grasp of what is going in that head of yours.

If you do want a custom piece of furniture, what do you have in mind?

Do you wish for a current item to be recolored?

Do you have a suggestion of a piece of furniture to be created?


Piercings can help express the individuality of the wearer and allow them to show off their sense of style to the rest of the world. If you wish to have a custom piercing you need to give:

Description of what you are looking for?

Combination of other piercings?

Recolor of a current piercing?

Letter work?

Do you have a suggestion/request for a custom piercing?

Using the information above, you must make a NC and name it CUSTOM ORDER–NAME–ITEM and return it to the MAILBOX at the store.

  1. Would Like to see a picture of me with two piercings same side

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