Sour Pickles sponsors hunts each month called: Sour Pickles Hunts.

My hunts are open to all types of hunters but there are times when I have age specific hunts, such as PG/MATURE, Kids only or Adult only.  The hunts that are aimed at a single age group are not done often. If someone wants to suggest a hunt theme and it gets chosen, then they will be awarded a spot in the top 10 for that hunt!

Something I DO NOT TOLERATE is if you are caught in MY store using any type of tool that you simply TP to the hunt item without actually, yanno..HUNTING for the item, and you are caught, you will be removed from the hunt and put on a blacklist. It drives me crazy to NO end that I spend time to put on a hunt just for you to enjoy and so do my valuable store owners only for you to come into my store and cheat. What is the point of giving you a hint then? I am not implying that you will be hurt from other stores, but I welcome other store owners to do the same. If a hunter is going around posting websites to direct landmarks that just ruins the hunt, and makes me a sad panda :/

I love you all and cherish all my hunters and vendors ❤ Xandra

If you would like more information on the upcoming hunts, application for my hunts, and hints, check the blog Sour Pickles Hunts [ http://sourpickleshunts.blogspot. ]


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