Store Goodies

Hunts – If you are a hunt organizer & would like Sour Pickles to join in your hunt, please send SourPicklesMainstore Resident a NC with the details.

Hunt Bloggers – If you are a hunt blogger and wish for information about my hunts to be displayed, please send SourPicklesMainstore Resident a NC with the details and requested information you seek.

Custom Work – Please refer to the Customs Suggestions Orders Page

Lil Pickles – I do encourage bloggers to apply for the store but am also looking for bloggers who have purchased items from the store to be blogged.

Job Opportunities – In the future I will be requesting a few CSRs for the store, stay tuned for more updates.

Permissions – All piercings and necklaces are mod/copy. I do not offer transferable items unless requested to be sent as a gift.

Malls / Rentals –I am currently not offering mall rentals at my location, but if you wish for me to rent at your venue, I would be more then welcome to view your land and see if it is in the cards to rent there.

MM Boards – I have one MM board at the store that I change the item inside of periodically for visitors. The second MM board is set to group only! Make sure to click it as you are hunting and shopping.

Camping Jars– The camping jars are open to anyone that has time to spare. The times on the jars vary and the prizes will change weekly.

Subscriber-Board  –I have both a subscriber-board and group for my shoppers and hunters.

❤[SP] VIP Will Enjoy :

❤Exclusive Group Gifts
❤Lucky Chair Prizes
❤MM Board Prizes

Group Joining – The group membership is free and will only be the ones who get the free items, the subo-group participants will be missing out unfortunately.


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