Store Hunt Manager

Hello! Thanks for your interest in becoming a Store Hunt Manager for Sour Pickles. Now, here comes the question. “What is to be expected out of a manager?” Well, this is a simply answer. I expect communication as well reliability. I expect you as my manager to have a positive attitude and room to grow. Some things to consider having as a skill would be:

Do you have any Marketing skills?
Can you seek out new hunts that might pertain to the store?
How are you with timelines?
Are you able to my right hand man over all?

Sour Pickles Mainstore

If you feel you have the abilities above, please fill out the following information on a NEW NC named “SP MANAGER 2015 –YOUR NAME”.

Your Name(Not Display Name):

How old is your avie?:

What time zone are you on?:

Do you have any marketing skills? If so explain.

What groups are you apart of that allow notices about sales, freebies, hunts ect?

Do you have a blog?

Are you able to bend with timelines?

Do you feel comfortable do you feel being guided and delegated tasks?

Are you able to keep me in check with my due dates? (hehe)

Please when your done filling this out, return it to the mailbox at the front of the store.

Thanks so much for your interest again 😀

xoxo Xandra
Sour Pickles Mainstore

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