Sour Pickles @ The 100 Block

100 Block 1x1 Flier Draft

The 100 Block – A Full Sim Block Party / A Creative Fusion of Fashion, Music and Art.

May 10 – 31, 2013


Sponsored by:  Razorblade Jacket, Belleza, LaPointe & Bastchild, Auxiliary, Gabriel, Gawk, DeeTalez, SAKIDE, Insanya, bubble, AlterEgo, ( r e d ) Mint, Deer, Ducknipple, SCRUB & Switch.



And…HERE ARE MY EXCLUSIVES!! Each are on a PROMO PRICE of 75L Each!





Updated MM Boards @ The Store!


GROUP ONLY! (free to join) Pisces Belly Chain TARGET 35


PUBLIC Tickle Clover Earrings TARGET 45

TP to Sour Pickles

Sour Pickles @ Luck of the Irish Fair

Sour Pickles is participating in Depraved Nations’ Luck of the Irish Fair

Depraved - Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair Flier 2013 1x1

The Gacha fair will run from March 12 – 31.


For this event I made 8 exclusive ears that will be available for purchase after the event is over. There are 5 commons and 3 rares. It is 100L a try! Collect them all! They rare copy and are modifiable through a HUD which can change skin, metal, piercing ends and on the rare change the gemstone texture!


Sour Pickles @Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair

Good Luck!

St. Patrick’s Day Goodies and Group Gift

Here is a snap shot of the entrance when you come into the store of some items we have featured for this month. Currently, there is a new group gift available!


Sour Pickles

Valentine Sales Extended till Monday!!

Lovers, friends and romantic pursuits of love and peace!! Come join us down @ Sour Pickles for our Valentine Sale!! The day might be over but the sales are not. The sale of the items that are included this year are on the picture below. Please enjoy!

*Note* The group gift (the table) is still out and available. The group is free to join. Don’t forget to check out the hunt board!


xoxo Xandra

New Valentine End Table Group Gift

Out on the decks down @ Sour Pickles there is a charming dark oak side table available for group members. This group is free to join. The table features two heart shaped tea candles, a vase of 6 long stemmed roses and a box of chocolates. All are mesh and the table is only 9LI. Come grab yours!


xoxo Xandra

New Mesh Skanky High Heel Valentine Edition

Hello lovers and sexy gals! Sour Pickles brings you NEW MESH Skanky High Heels – Valentine Edition!





Now you have probably seen these heels on the grid but you haven’t seen mine. I spent a good half of a day working on a fabulous custom skin texture that will retain realisc veins and colors as you would have wearing these at the club so pelase enjoy! I have also made the skin base super light for the lovely ladies who rock out to that pale skin. The shoes (each sold separately) come with a HUD that can:

~Change skin color

~Change nail color

(*The cool thing about these heels also there is a separate layer for a shine that I hand drew to give you a lovely shine in any light you are in inside of Second Life*)

~Resize the shoes

~Comes with shoe base and alpha

These shoes can be purchased for 225L and are copyable. Enjoy! If you are a blogger make sure to upload your pictures to the Sour Pickles Group Flickr which details can be found in your boxed product.

Buy The Red @ The Store  @ The Marketplace

Buy The Pink @ The Store  @ The Marketplace

xoxo Xandra

New Mesh Full Perm Collar Foundation

Sour Pickles brings you Mesh Foundation Collar. This mesh collar is full perms and offers you the options of 8 faces with 0.5 LI. The collar is the perfect base to work up from hence its simplicity.

In this set there are:
1 Full perm Mesh Collar Foundation
1 Example prim to show the 8 faces


This item can be bought at the Mainstore for 299L.
This item can be bought on the MARKETPLACE

Sour Pickes @ The I F%!*ing Love You Cart Sale

The I F%!_ing Love You Cart Sale Texture (For Blogging)

             I Heart the Cart Presents:
The I F%!*ing Love You Cart Sale
February 7 to February 14


Here is a preview of some items I have for sale included is a 1L gift, 10L gift and some other sale prices!



New Mesh Gauged Ears Viper

New in the store is another line in the Gauged Ear Series called: VIPER.

VIPEREARSThese ears have a hud that has an unlimited color picker to change your skin, gauge, piercings and metal.

These ears are featured in the unisex appliers for all of my gauged ears at the Men Only Gacha 2 Event.

These ares are copy only and are ON SALE FOR 99L

Taxi to the store

xoxo Xandra


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