Monthly Archives: August 2015

Xandra’s Birthday Invite 2015


Oh it that time again? YES!! I don’t celebrate Rez day’s in SL, I’d rather celebrate my RL birthday instead. So mark your calenders boys and girls for August 27th. I will be having a party at the store in honor of, well, myself =P along with the debut of my redone store and location. Come join me at 4pm SLT for:

*Live Music

*Gifts and Prizes

*Dancing and MUCH MORE!


xoxo Xandra


The Something Green Hunt (September 1-30)

In honor of my birthday month, here is a bit of GREEN loving!

Sour Pickles brings you The Something Green Hunt.


The THEME: Some people say, “Think Pink” Sour Pickles Hunts says “THINK GREEN”! Anything and everything you have to offer that’s green. Show off your best work by creating a new item, exclusive item or a recolored item…/something-green-hunt…

Before applying, you MUST read the link below. It is the TOS For the application process

NEW Sour Pickles Mainstore Build!

Sour Pickles has gotten a make-over!!
New Store Build!
New Environment!
Categorized room layout!
7 Seas Fishing (Coming Soon!)
NEW Appliers (Coming Soon!)